5 Awesome Outdoor Adventure Movies

“I refuse to relax, eat popcorn and watch a good movie” said no one ever.
And by a good movie we mean the fun, interesting and adventurous ones, those kind of clips that put your free spirit and interior force bubbling. Get lost in these great and inspirational stories, pick your favorite throw, get some goodies and press play.

1. 127 hours

Once in a while we need some alone time, it makes you think, put your mind in peace, but don’t get too use to this, some things are better to just say out loud, like what your plans are for the weekend. Based in a true history, this film tells Aaron Ralston’s journey while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah. Some way in the road, Aaron gets trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot. The best part of this movie is getting caught by Aaron’s courage and perseverance. Also his passion for exploring new and incredible places. The big bonus, Aaron Ralston is played by James Franco.

2. Into the wild

This adventure starts with Christopher, who let everything behind in his privileged life to start a new journey, travel to Alaska and live in the wilderness. On his way, he makes some real connections with people who helped him achieve his goal and make it to Alaska. On the way, he learned everything about surviving and understanding life with a completely different vision, one that he could never imagine.

3. Life of pi

This Canadian fantasy adventure is breathtaking, this story is full of creativity, imagination and adventures. While going through some spiritual issues, Pi, an Indian boy, survives 227 days after an enormous storm hits the Pacific Ocean, he finds himself with a Bengal tiger along those days. We don’t want to sound like spoilers, so we are stopping our synopsis here, but we are sure your mind will definitely blow away at the end. 

4. Maiden trip

This is Laura Dekker’s story, a 14-year-old traveler who goes around the world by her own, living her dream of becoming the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. When Laura was a little girl, her father taught her everything about sailing, and right before she became a teenager, she decided it was time to do it by herself. Sometimes we are so afraid of doing simple things, and outside of our little and small reality, they are some incredible people beating their biggest fears.

5. Wild

This is the story of Cheryl Strayed (played by one of our favorites, Reese Witherspoon) who’s passing through a really tough time in her life. After her divorce and her mother’s death, she makes a big decision, to hike more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, with absolutely no experience, but this journey will take her to some lifetime experiences where she finds forgiveness, strengthens and second chances.


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