A Joshua Tree Adventure


We started this New Year with bigger dreams and projects, we want to make it one of the best of our lives. On our last blog post we shared our thoughts about wanting to established real and long lasting relationships in our studio and with all of you, we love to feel surrounded by authentic people. Connecting with people is what gives sense to this whole adventure called life. It is something we can't live without; it is essential in our lives. And that is what inspired us in our new Spring 2016 Collection. 

A few months ago we went on an amazing adventure to the desert to creating our Spring 2016 look book. We stayed there one whole weekend, with the intention to work, but also wanted to spend some time with the models and everyone involved, get to know each other better and share our thoughts, dreams and inspirations. During daylight, we had to do the photo shoot, we weren't strangers anymore and it turned out to be a very relaxed and fun day. it didn't even felt like work. 

We are so inspired by this new collection, we put our hearts and souls into it, so we really feel like sharing a little sneak peek of what is to come.