Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to meditate about the experiences that we lived so far, it reminds us of the people and places in between, which, adding them all up, makes us who we are now. Times goes by so quickly, we live so fast and there is no time to regret any of your moves. Be sure to celebrate Thanksgiving with warm hearts and surrounded by the ones that make you smile day by day. Practice gratitude for what you have, embrace those things that you can’t see or touch, the important ones; love, faith, joy and happiness.

The Rokoko team is extremely thankful for the wonderful last months we’ve had; we are still on this extraordinary journey, learning new things every day, and we really wish to keep growing as a team, and strengthening our relationships. Meanwhile, we decided to celebrate in our studio with a small gathering, full of smiles, delicious food, and some good music. Scroll down to see how it came up!