How to stick to your New Year resolutions



New Year resolutions have become very common, and how can they not be? It feels great to start your new year filled with excitement, energy and motivation to make positive changes in your life, start new projects and become a better person.

You may want to start a healthy lifestyle and start eating clean, you decided it is time to have that beach body you’ve been wanting for the past three years. Maybe you want to start that new project you have been dreaming is going to change your life. Perhaps you want to read more books, or to travel more. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, know that it may be difficult, and that most people fail. But it is possible to succeed, and here we share with you some tips.

Don’t make resolutions.

That’s right, don’t make resolutions. They are usually just things you say you want without thinking what you need to do to accomplish and what you may have to sacrifice. Instead, make goals and plan your way to accomplish them.

Be realistic.

Once you’ve set your goals, know exactly what you need to do to get there, what you need to sacrifice, what you are capable of and the time it needs to see some results. Of course you want to push yourself into achieving those goals and you want to give your best, but if you push yourself too hard you won’t be patient enough and you will loose motivation.

Start small.

If you want to get that beach body and you’ve never gone to the gym, then you need to start slow. The same way with new projects and any other resolution, you can’t have success overnight. It is better to do something little every day that will help you achieve your goals. That way your motivation will grow every day.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Be sure you hang out with positive people who also have goals. They will help when you are feeling low on motivation, and they will be a constant reminder of your own goals.

Believe in yourself.

This is the most important step of all. You may have lots and lots of goals and plans, but if you don’t believe in yourself and you have doubts about how much you are capable of, you will lose interest and motivation and you won’t accomplish anything.

Keep track and celebrate.       

If you start small as we mentioned before, and stick to a daily routine, you will be able to keep track of all your little accomplishments. They may seem little, but together they are a big part of what you want to achieve. And don’t forget to celebrate every little thing you accomplish, that will also give you motivation every day.

Remember your Why.

Lack of motivation,resources or losing interests are the main reasons people fail at accomplishing their New Year resolutions. That is why remembering every day the reasons you made those resolutions is going to get you through every obstacle. Write them down and read them every day so you won’t forget them.