Inspiring women: Lorraine Loots

Looking for creativity in a gray day can be hard, but not when you open your Instagram and find people like Lorraine Loots. She’s a Cape Town based miniature artist making beautiful realistic paintings with the size of a coin, or even smaller!

She started this journey by committing to a 365 project where she would make a tiny drawing every day for one year. She became so passionate about it that she felt the need to start documenting it on her Instagram, by the time, she gained a lot of support and followers and now she has been doing it for two years. 

Just when we thought this was about it, we found out that Lorraine didn’t just touch something inside us, but also in a lot of people. Last summer, she was invited to be a TED speaker, where she got the chance to share us her amazing journey. You can get inspired in 12 minutes HERE.

Admiring her tiny paintings makes us remember how small the world can be, and that no matter the size, we can find beauty everywhere.