Interesting Women: Emily Weiss


Are you obsessed like us with young women entrepreneurs who are conquering the world and don´t seem to be stopping any soon? If you are then Emily Weiss is the perfect girl to be obsessed with. With just 30 years old she is the founder of beauty website Into the Gloss and beauty products brand Glossier is the perfect example of a successful young entrepreneur.

Into the Gloss is a beauty site which attracts more than one million readers each month. It is curated by many powerful women giving tips and information to models, makeup artists and people in the industry about how to maximize your beauty routine. Let´s be honest, her life is pretty much perfect. After Into the Gloss success, Emily launched her own beauty products line called Glossier, which is small line offering only the products women can´t live without.  

She started Into the Gloss during her last year of internship at Vogue. She loved it so much she was comited to work during her free time or before going to work, even though that meant to wake up super early in the morning. She started to get comments from readers asking her to post more often, so she had to make the decision to leave her opportunity at Vogue and focus on this. 

But we love her not just because her life is perfect and she has built an empire, we love her because she´s taught us that it is possible to turn a hobby you love into a successful business. The key is to have passion for it, to be so in love and obsessed with it that it won´t matter having to get up at 5:00 am and sacrificing a lot.

Be sure to check Into The Gloss and Glossier, and keep up with her Instagram account. You´ll love her as much as we do!