Interesting Women: Lauren Paul

This woman has definitely made a name of her own, although she could have been just a Hollywood sensation living in the perks of his famous husband Aaron Paul, or as most of you might know him, Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. But well, Lauren has this amazing charity called Kind Campaign, in which she spends a lot of her time and love. We love this movement and school program, that brings awareness and healing of negative and long lasting effects of girl-on-girl bullying. It is all based in the belief that kindness is a great weapon to end this mayor problem. 

Bullying has been contaminating schools lately, leaving horrible effects on children and teens, we feel so relief that someone like Lauren started the Kind Campaign, it is incredible that a person with a social influence decides to do something and make this world a better place.

Let’s join the cause, and if you wish as much as we do, that this has a great outcome, read all about it HERE, and don’t forget to follow @laurenpaul8’s steps for everyday inspiration.