Interesting Women: Stacey Bendet

Here´s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
— Stacey Bendet

Creative, authentic, stylish and hard worker are just a few words to describe Stacey Bendet. Stacey is the CEO and creative director of famous fashion brand Alice and Olivia. She is a true entrepreneur, a woman who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. But she´s not the fashion design student who knew she wanted to be a designer since the beginning. She studied International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, but she her creative side was talking to her. So she decided to start designing websites for an apparel company, and that`s when the idea of fashion design came in.

She noticed at that time everyone was doing denim, but no one made it sexy or the main focus of the outfit, so she decided to design her first pair of striped pants and from there nothing could stop her. In 2002, she designed a 20-item collection and within months, investors came and that`s when Alice and Olivia was born. What we love the most about her, besides being the great entrepreneur and strong woman she is, she remains true to herself. She continues to design as if it were for her, pieces she actually wears and that is how her brand is so true to herself. In fact, she even models her own collections! Alice and Olivia is a super fun, filled with color and energy brand, just like her.

Are you obsessed with her as we are? If you are, don´t forget to check out her Instagram account and her webpage