Top 6 style bloggers from our Instagram

     Since we started our journey through fashion, we are always on the search of new sources of inspiration, no matter the place, the situation or the view. Starting with a simple list sometimes helps to get your mind focused and started on producing new stuff. With our busy schedules sometimes is difficult to physically go out and discover new places and meet new people. For those days, Instagram can be a source of all these connections. A place where it can take you to discover new worlds, in different places and exchange high-fives. Our Instagram feed is inspired by amazing creators and we would like to share some of our favorites fashion bloggers.



Of course we have our girly side, and that is why Daisy Chaussée is always in our source of inspiration, she reminds us of our flirty, and happy essence. Besides, if you like to indulge yourself once in a while, she has some good ice cream recommendations for you.



 If you are an Endless Summer person, you must keep in touch with Halley Elefante, she has this perfect beach style, plus beautiful photography, which makes it even better. If you feel like going to Hawaii this weekend, join her!










This best friends with a Californian spirit keep us forever young, they have such a good vibe, their photos are full of smiles, fun, and clothes with an authentic free spirited style.



This free spirit model will show you her best side, which is the adventurous one. We really like how she styles things up, she’s always wearing the perfect outfit for her pictures, and if you are feeling a little outdoorsy, no doubt this is the girl to follow.



Photographer and style blogger. Looking through this beautiful feed makes you daydream about you being the one on those outrageous landscapes, and of course in those amazing clothes.



 Christina has a unique style, and as soon as you get to see her pictures you would want to know who her hairstylist is. You can find her in the beautiful streets of Maine.